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Cozy Chai

Enjoy the cozy feeling of curling up by the fireplace with a warm mug of Chai tea anywhere with Cozy Chai FUM Cores. The dynamic sensation of Chai brings the feeling of calm, restful ease. Each Cozy Chai Cores Pack includes 4 cores. 

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Holiday Candy

Taste the yummy sweetness of delicious holiday candies without the guilt! Peppermint meets Cinnamon in Holiday Candy FUM Cores with a warm sweetness that brings holiday cheer and genuine smiles. Each Holiday Candy Cores Pack includes 4 cores. 

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Cheerful Apple Cider

Citrus and spice collide in the multidimensional, invigorating aroma of Cheerful Apple Cider FUM Cores. Cheerful Apple Cider FUM Cores are the perfect way to warm up after tobogganing with friends and family in a snowy wonderland. Each Cheerful Apple Cider Cores Pack includes 4 cores.   

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Frosty Forest

Experience the aroma of a crisp winter morning in the Canadian mountains. Frosty Forest FUM Cores bring the refreshing, snow-laden atmosphere of a winter day. A fresh, earthy adventure. Each Frosty Forest Cores Pack includes 4 cores. 

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