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As a twenty something male, I’ll share with you my personal experience how I started to use essential oils and how I think you can reach new demographics with Essential Oils. 

Just over 3 years ago I did not know much about essential oils, but from what I did know I scoffed at essential oils as being hocky-pocky, mommy-pseudo science. My first real introduction to essential oils was 3 years ago by my friend and fellow FÜM Core Four Member, Janai. One day I was visiting Janai, he showed me his FÜM and invited me to try it. I had never seen anything like it, a small wooden pipe used for inhaling essential oils. I was intrigued. I tried Janai’s FÜM with some peppermint and I was blown away. The peppermint tingled in my airways. It was invigorating. I was like ‘Dude, I need one of these!’ I immediately bought a FÜM and some Young Living oils from Janai and began using essential oils daily in my FÜM.

At that point I was skeptical to the health benefits of Essential Oils (not so much anymore!), but I loved the taste and feel of inhaling essential oils in the FÜM. That was a few years ago, and a lot has changed since, I joined FÜM as a Core Four member last year (you can read more about our story here), and now use Young Living essential oils for more than just my FÜM. I feel it is safe to say If it wasn’t for FÜM, I wouldn’t be using or aware of essential oils today.



We believe that FÜM can be the door into a whole new world of utilizing essential oils for many others in the same way it was for me. We want to partner with you to bring the benefits of Essential Oils to the world and enhance the healthy lifestyle of millions. There are a lot of other people out there who are similar to how I used to be, not aware of essential oils and their benefits, for them a gift of a FÜM + Essential Oil is a potential life changer. It could be their start on a journey discovering a more healthy lifestyle using essential oils.

Personally, I started to use FÜM primarily because I just liked the taste of peppermint and wintergreen, which was enough to start me on using essential oils. While just taste and enjoyment are a good enough reasons to use FÜM + Essential Oil, there are so many other great benefits you can share with others. You could introduce the athlete in your life to improved respiratory performance with FÜM + Peppermint, the smoker or vapers to the sensation replacement and nicotine craving reduction of Black Pepper + FÜM, or the person who struggles with congestion breathing support with Eucalyptus + FÜM. If you are an essential oil distributor, imagine the impact if just ¼ of your team members added one person, who previously hadn’t used Essential Oils, to their downline by gifting them a FÜM and essential oil this Christmas. It could introduce a lot of people to the benefits and uses of essential oils and grow your team. 

I hope my personal experience with essential oils can help you see how you can introduce essential oils to people who do not know about essential oils. 

Thanks for joining us in Redefining Health!



Braeden is beyond grateful to be able to be apart of  FUM movement and to work on things he is passionate about. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from Briercrest College, and is excited to empower people with FUM.

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