FÜM CLASSIC - Essential Oil Inhaler

Beautiful simplicity.

 FUM essential oil inhaler emblems

The FÜM CLASSIC is the FÜM design that began the movement. 

Enhance your healthy lifestyle with an the FUM Classic aromatherapy inhaler. 

Like a black coffee, the Classic has nothing superfluous, this FÜM is 100% clean. The Classic has straight, clean lines that accent the natural grain and a purist style.

How to use fum essential oil inhaler pipe



- Canadian Made with Canadian Maple

- Hand-finished with an FDA approved-safe 100% pure and natural mineral oil.

-Hand finished with Food Grade finish and heat burnt logo, no artificial dyes or colors


- 100% Biodegradable Pocket Carry Case

- 4 inserts 

- Instruction card

- FÜM decal 

*Due to the unique nature of wood, every FÜM is unique, so your FÜM may vary slightly from the photos.* 


In order to use your FÜM you will also need essential oils, which you may already have or you can order them here.


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