Your companion in the fight against cravings.

FÜM Prominent + Black Pepper Essential Oil


The rich, earthy tingle of Black Pepper is a perfect combo with your FÜM. Black Pepper Oil can help you reduce your cravings for nicotine.

Put a few drops on an insert, slide it in your FÜM and you're good to go.


Smooth in the hand, pleasing to the eye, The FÜM Prominent is the next step up that you deserve. With the ergonomic finger hold and burnt grooves, this trusty stand-alone rises out of obscurity and belongs in your hand


Prominent Specs

- Canadian Made with Canadian Maple

- Food Grade Finish

- Ships with 4 100%  Cotton inserts + stylish pocket carry case.

- Hand finished with Food Grade finish and burnt logo


Each Pack Includes 5ml of Black Pepper Oil, FÜM Prominent, and pack of 4 inserts.


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