Mark had a desire to help but felt resistance due to the fact that he had no way of verifying the stories he was receiving. After attempting to contact others in Kenya to verify the situation, but making little progress he decided that the best way to verify the truth of the claims was to go and meet the families himself, to spend time with them personally and verify their stories.

One day when visiting friends, Wes and Raechel (parents of FÜM’s Core Four Members Braeden and Josiah) , Mark began to share with Wes the needs he was hearing about in Kenya through his email interactions and his resulting desire to visit them and meet them. Wes abruptly said, “I’ll go with you.” To which Mark replied, “Really?”.

“No I’m just joking.” Wes said.

Raechel, Wes’s wife interjected, “Why not? You should go!”

Upon arriving, Wes and Mark were warmly welcomed in Kenya, and quickly saw that what they had been told in the emails was true; two Kenyan families were providing for 65 orphans in two homes, and their needs were great. The families had stepped out beyond their means and were trusting God to provide for those that they had taken in.  Wes and Mark were humbled by the hospitality they received living together with their Kenyan friends and, encouraged by the faith and commitment to caring exhibited by their Kenyan brothers.

Initiative 2-4-M4K

 FÜM believes that an important component of health is relational, being involved in giving relationships with others. 

Due to this, FÜM desires to work together with organizations and individuals who are making positive changes towards health. When deciding what this would look like in practicality the M4K Orphanage was an obvious choice. Core Four Members Josiah and Braeden had been supporting M4K for years, and had a personal connection through their father Wes to the families in Kenya. As well the direct results of the support are very visible. 

Going forward FÜM is excited to partner with M4K Orphanage. As well as enabling those who purchase FÜMs to be apart of making positive change in one more way. 

We hope to be apart of seeing M4K go beyond subsistence, to achieve their goals of building proper housing, eventually a school, and other projects that will enable M4K to be become self-sufficient financially.

We are blessed to be able to be partners together in this process. 

If you are interested in donating directly to Messiah for Kenya Orphanage, you can visit their site here

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