FUM exists to empower positive Rebels.

WHo Redefine Health by pursuing the definition of the future, today.

A future where:

- Connection is found in rich relationships

- people respect their bodies as gifts

- a complete perception of self is the norm

- products are crafted responsibly from sustainable materials

What does it mean to Redefine Health?

Relational: The individual is not the focus. A healthy person does not exist alone. Health is found in being embedded in rich networks of relationships, in giving and receiving for the benefit of a community.

Internal: As individuals we should have a healthy outlook of ourselves in the world. We should realize that we are uniquely created, one component of a much larger cosmos in which we have the ability to act, create and choose.

Physical: The proper functioning of our body affects all other parts of our health. When we are physically well we are able to engage in our world actively.

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