The Journey

After learning about the benefits of essential oils from their mother, a Young Living Distributer, brother's Jaron and Janai started using Peppermint essential oil to support their breathing while working out. They first began by putting drops of peppermint on their hands and inhaling. They noticed the positive benefits in their workouts but were annoyed at how the peppermint oil rubbed off their hands and onto the exercise equipment. To remedy this they began putting drops of Peppermint onto sections of paper towel and rolling it into a tube and breathing through it.

Impressed by its efficacy for inhaling, they used this for a while, but were then tired of using the paper towel; it got soggy, and who wants to be seen with a piece of paper towel hanging out of their mouth?  

Then the idea came...

"What if we created a pipe for inhaling essential oils?"

The birth of something bigger...

After researching the toxicity, and testing the qualities of different woods, the guys decided on Canadian Maple as an optimal choice for making their inhalers. They started calling the inhalers FÜMs, with the name coming from the idea of breathing the 'fumes' of essential oils. They began FÜMing not only in workouts but in the rest of their lives as well, trying many different essential oils.

They realized that the uses and benefits of FÜM where extensive: this was portable non-invasive diffuser, which could bring the benefits of breathing in essential oils to anyone, anywhere.  The guys began to share their inhalers with friends, and began to get requests from other's wanting to buy their own FÜMs. At this point the guys decided to start selling FÜMs, and formulated a website.