Who is FÜM?


"With a passion for people and skill and dedication to making quality products Janai brings his meticulous, curious and caring personality to the Core Four. "

Age- 20
Hobbies- Playing spike-ball, Volleyball, Baseball, Trying new things/activities!

Gets jazzed about- Learning to speak Hebrew, hanging with friends, sharing the good news.
Fave places traveled to- I want to go to Israel, but have not done a lot of traveling yet.
Fave book read in the last year- "Five Love Languages"-  Gary Chapman
Best Essential Oil to FÜM- Wintergreen + Peppermint Combo


"As apart of the Core Four Jaron brings a no-nonsense approach, get it done attitude and apt skills in being able to communicate through media effectively."

Age- 21
Hobbies- Photo/ Videography, Skateboarding
Gets jazzed about- Being produtive, anything that is furthering my skill set whether for fun or for work.
Fave places traveled to- Sunny Coast Australia, ( the people and coffee are amazing)
Fave book read in the last year- “Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life” by William Finnegan
Best Essential Oil to FÜM- Peppermint with Jade Lemon

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"Braeden, the 'old guy' at FÜM,  brings to the core crew, a desire to be constantly learning and his ability to harness excitement and turn it into actionable plans."

Age- 25
Hobbies- Soccer, hiking, reading, guitar.
Gets jazzed about- Making plans, being apart of making people see things differently, building things.
Fave places traveled to- Honduras, Guatemala, Switzerland and Turkey
Fave book read in the last year- "You Are What You Love" - James Smith 
Best Essential Oil to FÜM- Wintergreen

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The perfect balance of creativity and practicality Josiah brings his extensive woodworking, photography and design experience to the Core Four."

Age- 21 
Hobbies- Photography, woodworking, project cars

Gets jazzed about- Seeing peoples lives changed
Fave places traveled to- Guatemala and Tibet
Fave book read in the last year- "Start with Why", Simon Sinek 
Fave Essential Oil to FÜM- Peppermint and Wintergreen

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