FUM Cores Monthly | Essential Oil Infused Inserts


Breathe clearer, De-stress & take in the moment. 

Choose 2 FUM Cores to start building your monthly replenish.

FUM Cores makes it easier to experience the benefits of essential oils wherever you go. 🌎😃🙌

2 Packs FUM Cores= $10 (free shipping)

3 Packs FUM Cores= $14.50 (free shipping)

Packs FUM Cores= $19.00 (free shipping)

5 Packs FUM Cores= $23.50 (free shipping)

Start your subscription with 2 or more packs of FUM Cores. And if you want to change what FUM Cores you receive, you can customize your subscription each month within your account. 

Each Core is ready to use! Just fray your Core, slide into your FÜM, and start experiencing the benefits of essential oils! 😃

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