The FÜM Prominent is your way to enjoy and benefit from all-natural essential oils. 

Smooth in the hand, pleasing to the eye, the FUM Prominent is what you deserve. With the ergonomic finger hold and burnt grooves, this trusty stand-alone rises out of obscurity and belongs in your hand.

The FUM Prominent is an aromatherapy accessory that makes it easy for you enjoy and benefit from essential oils. You simply breath in through the FUM, and exhale through your nose.  

The easiest way to use FUM is with FUM Cores, which are already infused with high-quality essential oils or you can buy FUM blanks to use with your own high-quality essential oils.  

Product Features:

- Ergonomic design

- Crafted with Canadian Maple

- Hand-finished with natural mineral oil.

- No artificial dyes or colors.


- (1) FUM Prominent 

- (1) 100% Biodegradable Pocket Carry Case

- (4) Polyester FUM Blanks

- (1)Instruction card

*Due to the unique nature of wood, every FÜM is unique, so your FÜM may vary slightly from the photos.* 

FUM Essential oil inhaler black and white symbol

The best way to use FUM is with Cores 🙌 

Get Cores on a monthly subscription here.

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